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How Can Hand Therapy Help in Treating Arthritis?


Hands play a very important role in our daily activities. Indeed, they are an integral part of our body. This is why experiencing joint pains, such as arthritis, reduces one’s ability to move and function, since the pain limits mobility.

Despite the pain experienced, there are still several people who prefer a hands-on approach in relieving the pain over the use of medication, since it has been found to naturally reduce and relieve arthritis pain symptoms.

If you are experiencing hand pain problems, hand therapy can help. Some of its treatment benefits include:

  • Managing acute and chronic pain
  • Desensitizing nerves after injury for correct sensory re-education
  • Increasing motion, dexterity, and strength
  • Chemical-free treatment option

Occupational therapists will perform rehabilitative, manual therapy to the hand and upper extremities. Hand Rehab Pros are experts in this certain area of the field of occupational therapy. Hence, for hand therapy in Santa Clarita, California, these experts are the ones you should call for help.

Aside from the above mentioned, we also offer the same services of hand therapy in Palmdale, California. We aim to maintain movement through hand exercises and other activities needed for a speedy recovery.

Also, we provide services for the upper extremity in Santa Clarita, California. We know how critical the upper extremities are. Hence, we provide our expertise in treating any conditions related to their functioning to help improve your quality of life.

Therefore, for quality occupational therapy in Santa Clarita, California, you know who to call and approach. Our therapists can provide the proper treatment in restoring your independence and range of motion in physical movement.

If you’ve got arm problems, let us help you. Call us so we can immediately evaluate and address your condition.

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