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Risk of Upper Extremity Disorders in the Workplace


Being exposed to prolonged repetitive work that causes pain in one’s arms, shoulders, wrists, hands, fingers, and necks may lead to upper limb disorders. Thus, employers in the field of construction, food processing, factory work, computer-related jobs, and other industries that may expose employees to disorders affecting their upper extremity in Santa Clarita, California must protect them from such a risk.

Risk assessments are important. If repetitive work and constant exposure to display screen equipment are unavoidable, make sure they have access to hand therapy in Santa Clarita, California.

Poor working environment and organization may lead to upper limb disorders, but some of the other causes may include uncomfortable working postures, excessive force, and prolonged tasks without sufficient breaks. Experts in occupational therapy in Santa Clarita, California also stress that different individuals may have different vulnerabilities, so some may be more affected by certain risks than others.

Some disorders that may affect one’s upper limbs include, but are not limited to, tendonitis or tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand-arm vibration syndrome, and osteoarthritis. Experts in hand therapy in Palmdale, California can teach you how to avoid and/or address such conditions.

To learn more about upper extremity disorders and occupational therapy in Los Angeles, California, please do not hesitate to contact Hand Rehab Pros at any time.

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