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What Are the Signs You Need Hand Therapy?


Hand therapy is a kind of rehabilitation that deals with the hands and the upper extremities. It’s a part of occupational therapy in Santa Clarita, California.

People whose hands are affected by trauma or an accident often seek hand therapy in Santa Clarita, California to hasten their recovery. These individuals also seek hand therapy to help alleviate feelings of pain and reduce sensitivity because of nerve problems. Those who had undergone hand surgery turn to therapy for scar treatment and infection prevention.

But what if you never had hand trauma? What signs tell you that you need hand therapy in Palmdale, California? Here are some of them.

  • You feel tingling or numbness in your hands or arm.
  • You have difficulty gripping objects or lifting things.
  • You experience clicking, popping, or stiffness in your fingers.
  • You have dulled sensory feelings in your hands and upper extremities.
  • You have coordination problems or muscle weakness in your hands or arm.

If you’re seeking treatment for the above mentioned conditions, visit Hand Rehab Pros. We provide specialize in providing hand therapy to individuals with various problems in their hands and upper extremities.

Talk to us to know more about our occupational therapy in Santa Clarita, California.

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