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Post-Stroke Rehab: What to Expect


Stroke rehabilitation is a process, and it can take time. You will need to get used to the changes in your body and learn new ways of doing things. The first few weeks after a stroke are crucial for recovery.

As a certified provider of occupational therapy in Santa Clarita, California, we will discuss below the different treatments you can expect with post-stroke rehabilitation:

  • Physical therapy
    Physical therapy can help you regain strength, mobility and coordination after a stroke. Your physical therapist will work with you to increase your range of motion, strengthen muscles, achieve good posture, and retain balance.
  • Occupational therapy
    Occupational therapy in Los Angeles, California, helps people during rehab after a stroke by giving them the skills needed to return to their previous level of functioning. An occupational therapist will meet with you during your initial visit and perform several tests that measure how well you can perform daily activities such as bathing, dressing, etc. If these tasks may be complex for you due to your stroke-related disabilities, then the OT will design exercises based on each needs.
  • Speech therapy
    Many people who get a stroke need some speech therapy. Some may need only one session; others may require many sessions. It helps people with communication problems. It can also help those who have difficulty swallowing food and liquid or communicating verbally with others.

Rehab is a long process, but you can recover faster with suitable therapies and a support system. You’re not alone with Hand Rehab Pros. With our orthopedic rehab services, such as hand therapy in Santa Clarita, California, you can regain your independence faster.

Contact us today at 661-417-4268 to learn more about our rehab services, such as occupational and hand therapy in Palmdale, California.

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