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Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Hand Joint Pain


As expert hand therapists in California, we find purpose in helping our clients manage and reduce hand joint pain through various treatment options. One critical aspect of managing joint pain is making lifestyle changes that can reduce stress on the joints and improve overall well-being. Let us discuss some of these lifestyle changes that can make a significant difference in your daily life.

Hand therapy in Santa Clarita, California, emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and engaging in regular exercise. Excess body weight can put additional stress on the joints in the hands, so losing weight can help to alleviate joint pain. Incorporating low-impact activities such as swimming or walking can also help to keep joints flexible and maintain muscle strength.

Joint protection is another crucial lifestyle change to consider. That involves using your hands to minimize stress on the joints, such as using your larger joints for tasks that require more force. Additionally, utilizing adaptive tools and devices can help to reduce strain on your hands during daily activities. Wearing a splint or brace during activities that require repetitive motions can also provide support and lessen joint stress.

Our occupational therapy in California can help you identify and implement these lifestyle changes to reduce hand joint pain effectively. By working with our experienced team at Hand Rehab Pros, you can regain control over your life and enjoy improved comfort and functionality. Call us today to reduce hand joint pain.

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